Pet Sitting for the Discriminating Pet

We have served the Indianapolis area since 1989, offering convenient, and affordable in-your-home pet care. If you travel for business or pleasure, and would prefer to keep your treasured pet(s) in the security of your own home, and/or feel you've imposed on friends, family or neighbors one too many times, please give us a call.

Fussy Felines means less stress for you and your pet.

Services include:
Pet food and water freshened
Medications administered
(if requested)
Dogs walked or let out
Mid-day dog walks, while you're at work
Litter boxes cleaned
Mail/paper collection
Watering plants
(inside and out)
Feeding fish
Filling bird feeders/baths
Switch lights, window coverings, radio/TV

(for that "lived in" look)
Take out trash,
(if needed)

Price --
To our valued customers... We managed to ride out recent gas hikes, but as a result, had to give up many of our long-time clients on other sides of town. Unfortunately, due to the increasing cost of gas again, we are being forced to adjust price to $17 to $22 per visit depending upon length of visit and location. We are truly sorry to have to resort to this increase. We hope that our clients feel they are receiving service worthy of this increase and will be happy to discuss this change with you at any time. Thank you so much for your understanding, and remember, the animals of IndyCLAW Rescue Inc. thank you for your business which is feeding and vetting them on a daily basis!;
For specific pricing, availability, or additional information:

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Reservations should be made at least three weeks in advance.

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